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The Three Princess VS. Black Magic 

The three Princess VS. Black Magic is a fun, uplifting story written by Brett Travers as he and his wife were beginning that long road of divorce.    Brett knew that his three little girls, which he absolutely adored, would have some hard times ahead of them and his girls were one casualty of divorce he wasn't willing to accept.  Being out of the country with only very limited opportunities to even be able to talk to his girls on the phone. Brett decided to write his girls  a book.  This book had to be fun, which it is, and it had to be a fun story, which it is, and it also had to teach them that they are enough just as they are to overcome any trial they might face. Shortly after printing a copy for his girls Brett Decided that his story could help the world.  "So why not Share it", he thought.  Brett searched several years for an artist who could bring this story to life.  He found Ben Judd who illustrated the book and that's exactly what Ben has done.  Ben has brought such beautiful lifelike art that you can get lost in to the story.