Play the most exciting 3-D board changing role playing game of all time before it even begins manufacturing.

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It takes three little princess who wont forget who they are and wont back down from a challenge in order to save the kingdom. 

Brawley Enrtainment

During this time of great affliction pain suffering and economic instability Brawley Entertainment would love to help familys as well as everybody else, sitting around the house staring at the walls, to have a new fun board game to play.  Shortly after Brett Travers had published his book, "The Three Princess VS. Black Magic", Brawley Entertainment approached him with the great idea of creating a board game based on the story line of his book and the series to come.  With Bretts' help and Ben Judds amazing art work Brawley Entertainment has created a revolutionary multilevel, board changing game where you choose the story and path of your player throughout the game.  As well as deciding how you will win or if you will win with a group of allies.  During these difficult times Brawley Entertainment will not be profiting anything from the misfortune of the world  which is why We are offering everybody a print and play version of the game for a cost of $10.00 and a $5.00 print on demand version of the book to cover our cost.  Brawley Entertainment will also be contributing 50% of proceeds to health care workers fighting the war on the front line of covid-19 battle. So all we ask is stay home and save lives but enjoy the time playing a game with your families, while you do.